Marking a moment with muffins: blog post number 500

As I sit here in this gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon, a pot of pina colada green tea beside me and some orange and chocolate chip muffins baking in the oven, I am also writing my 500th post on Thistles and Kiwis.  Like many bloggers, I really had no idea what I would enjoy writing about when I started, nor did I really have any idea what our life was going to be like in Wellington.  I originally thought I might keep writing for a year, documenting our move here, but this wee blog is still going after three and a half years.

I’m not going to write a reflective piece, or even worse write a list of ‘500 things you wished you knew about me’.  No, this post is just my usual weekend ramblings.  The weather today is such a contrast to the wild, wet Saturday of last week.  It is sunny, the sky is blue, and believe it or not I am sitting here with the door open, enjoying the good weather.


Blue sky with trolley bus wires

A normal Saturday, the day began as usual with Pilates, followed by grocery shopping and coming home to bake, drink tea, read and eventually prepare dinner.  I had intended to sweep the decking, but our poor broom is shedding bristles at a rate that is making more mess than it is cleaning up.  Ah well….

Instead I baked, as requested by my dear husband, orange and chocolate chip muffins.  They are so easy to make, that they hardly warrant the label ‘baking project’.  However, they will be eaten in no time, that I do guarantee.


A freshly baked muffin

Grease a 12 hole muffin pan.  Sift 375g self-raising flour into a large bowl and rub in 90g of chopped up butter.  Stir in a good handful of plain chocolate chips/nibs, the grated rind of an orange (and perhaps half a teaspoon of mixed spice), 310ml buttermilk and 1 egg.  The good thing about this mixture is that it is supposed to be a little lumpy.  Spoon the mixture into the pan, and bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 200C.


Muffin and flowers

Cool on a wire rack, make another pot of tea, find a good book and retire to the sofa.  Don’t move until someone asks you if you would like a pre-dinner gin and tonic.


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