That was the week #4

Winter has finally arrived in New Zealand.  It has turned bitterly cold, and today has been a wet and rather grey day.  I think it is the first day I have felt the need for gloves – not bad considering winter began in June!  Snow has already fallen in parts of the South Island, and apparently light snow flurries are falling on the Rimutaka Hill Road, between Wellington and Wairarapa, as I type.  So, it is a time to stay indoors with good food, Netflix and a glass of red wine on this Friday evening.

The week began with cinema trips – the wonderful Mr Gaga I wrote about here on Sunday afternoon and Idealisten (The Idealist) on Monday evening.  This film is based on the investigative journalist, Poul Brink’s uncovering of events at Thule in Greenland. His initial story on plutonium poisoning in the 1980s, ended up exposing a 20 year old international cover up  of a US military plane crash and missing nuclear weapons.  It was a good if slightly slow film, with quite a bit of original film footage.  Worth catching if this sort of thing interests you. I’m not sure if we’ll see anything else on the New Zealand International Film Festival, but the three I saw were all really good and well worth seeing.

We had another bake sale at work, this time raising money for cancer research and the Cats Protection League.  I made some of the camomile cookies  that I made the other week, which went down well.  There were so many good things on the table, it was hard to resist.  Over $200 was raised, which wasn’t bad at all.

IMG_8463Bake sale with a spring feel

Whether it is the colder weather or work (which is not a topic to think about on a Friday evening!), I have felt sluggish all week, but was revived by a fantastic Pilates class on Thursday.  It woke me up, made me feel better and cleared my mind of negative thoughts.

Despite the wintery weather, there are signs of spring, and I’ve been enjoying these tulips picked up at the weekend.  They are such a gorgeous colour and brighten up the wintery world outside.



With no weekend plans, the next two days are free to do what we feel like.  I’m thinking of soup and good bread, a roast, a desert in terms of food – comfort eating for winter days. The sofa is bound to beckon, the tea pot call to be filled and books demand to be read.  Doesn’t sound too bad.


Charlie contributes this profound statement to the blog – 9jhdfoph2

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