That was the week…#3

The lack of a mid week blog post as an indication of just how busy the past few days have been. It’s been one of those weeks….

Monday saw another work trip to Hamilton. I feel I know that airport well now, and am almost (stress on the almost) getting used to getting up at 4:30am to catch the first flight of the day.

On Tuesday I finished work early, and managed a browse around Cuba Street before grabbing a quick bite at Loretta‘s and heading to the Lighthouse Cinema to see ‘Love and Friendship’.  The film was wonderful – beautiful to look at, well acted and really funny.  It is based on the novella by Jane Austen, which I read a long time ago.  Think I should now re-read it!


Pot of blood orange tea


Smoked salmon, popped capers, watercress, horseradish cream and
seed bread

Wednesday saw us heading out to dinner with friends, along with quite a bit of wine and lots of conversation.

Thursday saw the opening of the David Jones store on Lambton Quay, in what used to be Kirkcaldies and Stains.  I managed a quick peak of the ground floor, making it in just before people were queuing to get in during their lunch hour.  The cosmetic section looked good from what I could see at least.


David Jones opens up


A French pear scented candle from Ecoya and David Jones

After my usual Pilates class, we went for dinner at The General Practitioner.  Karl opted for the sausages and mash with onion gravy, which got the thumbs up, and I had confit duck leg with dauphinoise potato, braised chicory/witloof and a fantastic sauce, which made up for the slightly dry duck.


Friday sunshine

And so today is Friday –  a chance to blog, a chance to cook, a chance to finally relax as the weekend starts.


Red kale chips to nibble on before dinner


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