The red, the orange and the yellow

Red, orange and yellow, colours maybe more associated with autumn, seem to be the colours this winter (July is winter in the southern hemisphere).  Vegetables all seem to be red, orange and yellow – red cabbage, kale, and sprouts, yams and carrots of every hue, from pale yellow to vibrant orange.  Fruit is red, orange and yellow too – think apples, tangerines, persimmons and lemons.  As you might expect, flowers can be found in these colours, but so too can cider and wine.


Red sprouts, on the stalk, chosen over the red kale when shopping today


The orange of carrots


Lemons and yams, smiling


A lone lemon


Red, yellow and orange poppies

Drinks too are turning these colours, or so it seems.  From the deep purpley red of Wild Side’s strawberry and plum cider, to a glass of pinot noir, to a cider of blood orange and cardamon, combining a rich red-orange and the taste of a Scandinavian winter.

IMG_8341The wintery taste of strawberry and plum cider


More cider and some beer from Garage Project with a cute name, Cat’s Pyjamas (and nothing to do with the theme of this blog post)

And so this brings us to orange wine, a new thing to us.  It’s a style of white wine, but with a slight orange tint, which, I am reliably informed, is the result of the combination of grape solids and liquids after crushing.  Check out Wine Folly to learn more about these robust, dry wines that can stand up to red meat (or so they say).


A bottle of orange wine…


…with a fantastic label

We chose a pinot gris from Rod McDonald wines, ‘Rhymes with Orange’.  Verdict on this and perhaps the cider in the next post. In the meantime, it is time to marinate the chicken for tonight’s dinner, Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Tikka Masala,which, as it so happens, is also an orange-red dish.  There’s just no getting away from these colours….


  1. Great crop Nothing better than fresh vegies. Never seen orange wine and indeed it has a nice label. Is your profile picture taken at Zealandia? We are planning to go there in December


    1. Yes the profile picture is taken at Zealandia. Hope you enjoy it when you go and get to see some wildlife. Agree re fresh veggies and will be interested to see how the orange wine tastes!


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