Watching, listening, reading: June

With much of June involving traveling around, this month’s watching, listening, reading post is a bit different.  This was not a trip where there was much time to read, but there was a lot of flying time to fill with watching and listening.


Dubai Airport


Before we left for Europe, we started watching the French TV series, Disparue, The Disappearance, finishing it up on our return.  A good disappearance mystery with a semi-predictable outcome.

Long distance flights mean movie time.  You can’t do much else (reading means finding a place for a book/e-reader) and it is a good way to pass the time when not attempting to sleep.  Among the things I watched were Misconduct (OK) while stuck on the ground in Auckland, Trumbo (well worth seeing – well acted and interesting) on the way to Dubai, and a French film, L’etudient et M. Henri, (nice, gentle film) flying to Copenhagen.

There comes a point on a long flight when I can stand no more and look up comedy series to boost my flagging spirits.  This time I re-watched the excellent Detectorists, caught up on the latest series of Alan Partridge and fell asleep during Veep for the second time (did so at home and again on the plane – am destined never to see it or the most recent series is not very good).  I didn’t watch any New Girl – my ‘go to when board on a plane’ series – as it wasn’t available when I needed it.

Finally, never assume that because you are flying the same airline that the same choice of media will be available on two different flights.  The frustration of only being able to watch two episodes of the excellent series, The Night Manager, was unbelievable.


Traveling has meant a change in listening habits.  While I kept up with The Archers, the podcasts I listened to were mostly when flying to send me to sleep. I enjoyed an interview with Molly Ringwald on WNYC, but otherwise used the voices as a sleep inducing tool.

Driving through Sweden, we listened to P3 on Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio station, P3). Songs I found myself singing along to included Major Lazer & DJ Snake, Lean On, Kiiara, Gold and Laleh, Bara få va mig själv.


Kalmar – a stop on our Swedish tour


I’ve not done a huge amount of reading this month as there wasn’t a lot of time for relaxing and reading.  I did, however, enjoy two books by Donna Leon, The Golden Egg and Beastly Things.

I also read a lot of news….and there was a lot of news to read too. Every day following the referendum, there was something new, something to discuss, something to stare at in disbelief at times.  It’s now July, and Sunday afternoon, so time to put my feet up and grab a book to talk about in the next monthly review.


News time






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