That dear, green place: a short stop in Glasgow

A strike affecting some train services in Scotland meant that we left Aberdeen an hour earlier than planned, and although we got free tea, coffee and biscuits in our first class carriage, there were no bacon rolls, much to our disappointment. Anyway, the journey was smooth, and we arrived at our friends in time to go out for lunch.

I lived in Glasgow for six years, so this visit was more about catching up with people than anything else, as with this whole European trip. There was much eating, drinking and discussion about the referendum.


Saturday’s newspaper headlines

Dinner that evening was at Shandon Belles which sits in the basement of Two a Fat Ladies at the Buttery on Argyle Street. I had some surprisingly light and very tasty haggis croquettes served with pear and chilli jam to start. Well worth trying should you go. To follow I had salmon with a warm, mustardy potato salad which was also very good. One of my friends and I shared the cheese to finish (dairy free is not happening on this trip). All of this was washed down with some good wine. Highly recommend this restaurant for good food at very reasonable prices.


Haggis croquettes


Cheese and crackers

Sunday began with St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, then lunch with a friend, then tea and a slice of very light Victoria sponge at Sonny and Vitos with a friend, then meeting up with our hosts for drinks, dinner and watching political debate on television. Phew!


St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow


Welcome back to Glasgow!

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