Stonehaven and an ice-cream incident

Stonehaven is a harbour town lying south of Aberdeen, perhaps most well known these days for its Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) fireball ceremony down it’s streets. Despite the haar which refused to burn off, we drove down to take a short walk on the pebble strewn beach and see a bit if the town.


The beach, Stonehaven


The beach and seagulls

It was then the time for ice-cream, so we headed to the classic sweet shop,  E Giulianotti, with its jars of sweets (lollies) remembered from childhood, stacked high on wooden shelves. Walking along the street, ice-creams in hand, a large seagull, clearly watching our movements, suddenly swept down, brushed past me and grabbed all the ice cream and most of the cone held by my nephew’s wife. It happened so quickly there was no time to react. All I can say is, beware the gulls of Stonehaven!


Notice outside a pub – seagull warning in Stonehaven

After that excitement, we walked towards the harbour, stopping to look at the barometer, erected in 1852, before a much needed drink at The Ship Inn.




The harbour


A seafront sculpture

It was a short trip to Aberdeen, but lovely to see family and have a nice day out – and speak again to feline friends.




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