Cats and catching up in Copenhagen

Returning to a city where you used to live is a little strange. Not your home town, but somewhere you once called home, but now feel like a familiar stranger. The streets are the same, but the shops are different, whole buildings have been torn down and there are new ones going up in their place. That is Copenhagen for me.

I lived there for eight and a half years. While I made so many wonderful friends through my work, I never felt at home there. The city is flat, often grey and there are far too many bicycles which makes it difficult at times for us walkers. Still, it was nice to visit, especially to see dear friends.


Living out of a suitcase

We arrived tired after the six and a half hour drive from Stockholm to Malmö and then the train over the Oresund Bridge. We dumped our bags at the place we were staying, then dashed off to see friends. The next day, lunch, tea and dinner with friends. The last half day saw a short walk…and lunch and a cup of tea with friends. And that was our stopover in Copenhagen.

Where we stayed: right in the heart if the city, where Studiestræde and Larsbjørnsstræde meet.


The courtyard


Window in the building


One of the yard cats


The door must lie open because of the yard cats

From there we flew to Aberdeen, on the day of the referendum deciding the future of the UK in Europe. More of that next time.


Fresh ginger, lime and honey in The Living Room cafe, Copenhagen




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