Stockholm days part 1

There are places and cities that we visit, sometimes just once, sometimes many times, where we feel at home. Stockholm is one of those places. It doesn’t matter that the weather hasn’t been that good, we’ve walked and walked, gone shopping, stopped for the odd beer and enjoyed family dinners and get togethers.


Walking over Slussen towards the city

Cities we love remain the same in our hearts, minds and memories, yet they are dynamic, living, breathing places. Slussen, a central hub of the city linking Sodermalm with Gamla Stan, is currently undergoing major renovation, and walking through there at the moment it is hard to imagine what it will look like when we return on our next trip to Sweden.  Gamla Stan, the old part of the city, with its cobblestone streets, is full of tourists at this time of the year, but still worth a visit, and while you are in the city centre, you should visit the Royal Palace. You might be lucky and catch a parade of the Royal guard.



Guards on parade



We have, I confess, been shopping, more than anything, picking up things in Cos, Dressman and Åhléns, a new bag from Marimekko and two more Moomin mugs from the Iitala shop (pictures of them later). On that note, no visit would be complete without a visit to Design Torget, a great place for gifts and fun things.


New butter knives and board (latter designed by Lisa Larson   matches a T-shirt I have)

We have one more day here in Stockholm, before heading south to Copenhagen. It is also my husband’s birthday. Grattis!


Walking back with bags in hand

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