People don’t take trips…trips take people

Sometimes journeys go according to plan, with everything running on time and things just going smoothly. At other times, it is quite the opposite. Our journey Europe from New Zealand fell into the latter category.

All began well, with a smooth flight to Auckland from Wellington. Things still seemed to be going well when we boarded the flight to Hong Kong. As we waited to take off, it became apparent something was wrong.  It transpired there was an issue to do with something to do with leaking fuel. Three hours, one beer, three packets of peanuts and a movie later, we were taken off the plane.  We then had to collect our luggage, go back through immigration, queue at the check-in desks, get allocated a hotel and finally bussed to where we were going to spend the night, arriving 6 hours after we should have taken off. I’ll not bore you with the dreadful organisation and lack of information from the airline (Cathay Pacific), but suffice to say we had to rebook our whole trip again thanks to a very helpful travel agent, and ended up flying with Emirates to Dubai from Auckland on the world’s longest flight (17 hours) with a connection to Copenhagen.

imageThe fire alarm went off at the hotel…final thing in the day!

So, our planned stop in Hong Kong was abandoned, but at least we arrived in Europe on the day we planned. The staff in the Holiday Inn at Auckland airport could not have been nicer, and despite a fire alarm after dinner (we were sitting drinking wine), our unintentional stop could have been a lot worse.


Vegetable garden at the hotel


Garden at the hotel

Anyway, we arrived in Copenhagen and took the train to Malmo, utterly exhausted, but so relieved to have made it. We aren’t quite far enough away from the events to laugh yet, but in time to come, we will, I know.

Title of the post is a quote from John Steinbeck.


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