Heading to summer, leaving winter behind

It’s been two years since I was last in Europe, last saw the longest day in June rather than the shortest day, last saw friends and family in Sweden, Denmark and Scotland. Am I excited? At this stage, a little. I’ve decided what to pack (talk about a monochrome wardrobe with coloured accessories!) but we still have to take the cat to the cat boarding kennels, make sure all the laundry is done and give the house a wee clean.  You know what I mean I am sure.  But once on the first plane, the short hop to Auckland to catch the next flight to Hong Kong, I can just focus on the trip ahead.


Charlie sitting on the ironing, waiting

I’m not sure how much blogging will happen during the time away, but I’ll try and post when I can, and will at least post pictures on Instagram @blof678 and Facebook.  We’ll be visiting Malmö, Kalmar, Stockholm and Gothenburg when in Sweden, stopping off in Copenhagen, then visiting Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh when in Scotland.

Stockholm, when there in 2010
Me, Stockholm, 2010

IMG_2422Copenhagen, 2014


Aberdeen, 2014


Glasgow, 2014


Edinburgh, 2014






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