Come Saturday Morning

There is something special about Saturday mornings.  Whether it is the knowledge that it is the start of two days without work (or three if like this week here in New Zealand, Monday is a holiday) or the fact that you don’t have to get up quite so early, I like these mornings.

Saturdays begin, after an extra long shower, with a leisurely breakfast, catching up on blogs and vlogs and taking the opportunity for two cups of tea.  It is a time to make poached eggs, eat a little fruit and take a moment to savour the pleasures of the morning.  My recent attempt to avoid dairy, has led me to discover the joys of coconut yoghurt, which tastes more like a luscious desert than anything else.

IMG_7908Start the day with a couple of feijoas


…and then poached eggs


…and a little Doctor’s Choice Bio Coconut Yoghurt

The morning routine also includes Charlie the cat of course, wanting his breakfast, a short conversation and then either sleep or to go out on an adventure.  It’s then time to head off my Saturday morning Pilates mat class taught by the amazing Cat Eddy at the Xtend Barre studio on Ebor Street.  This is such a good way to start the day and weekend, helping to switch off the mind and exercise the body.


Charlie waiting for breakfast

IMG_7933Looking at the sky, waiting for the bus


Waiting for Pilates

Then it is time for food shopping, stopping first at Moore Wilson’s for some treats such as Zany Zeus feta cheese, The Immigrant’s Son coffee beans, good sausages and bread for Sunday breakfast, before heading to a regular supermarket for the staples of tins of tomatoes and boxes of eggs, and the all important food for Charlie.


Tamarillos and persimmons


Yams, red chard, tamarillos and miniature fennel

And that is the morning over…the rest of the day promising muffin making, listening to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day on BBC Radio 4 and curling up with tea and a book.  Housework can wait until tomorrow.



  1. Never heard of feijoas and when I first saw photo I thought they were avocados!! Now looked them up and sound delicious 😊


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