Preserving: chutney making on a Sunday afternoon

Sunday morning should be a chance to lie in and start the day slowly.  Not so this Sunday as it was the Eurovision Song Contest, which for us in New Zealand began at 7am.  Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon got us through the almost four hour ordeal. The contest this year was in Stockholm. In my opinion, the actual final was one of the best in terms of production, with great presenters in Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede (I particularly like her almost bored delivery during the voting).  As for the songs…well, the winning one was not my favourite, and there were quite a few that made it easy to pop down to the kitchen to make more tea.  Anyway, that is it over for another year, and I hope they keep the same voting system next year as it made the end far more exciting than normal.

Having survived that, we felt it necessary to blow away the cobwebs, so drove over to Makara Beach for a quick lunch and a breath of fresh, sea air.

IMG_7743Antidote to the Eurovision Song Contest

On returning home, I set about making my annual batch of feijoa and apple chutney.  There is something rewarding about making something like this that will last through until the next feijoa, or whatever fruit it may be, season.  I used the same recipe as I have used in the past from this source, also adding in two small apples.

IMG_7750Empty feijoas


The finished product

I also whipped up a batch of apricot scones* made with sun dried apricots while the chutney was cooking, channeling my inner domestic goddess or something like that. Pity that doesn’t extend to clearing out the box room……

IMG_7752An apricot scone for Sunday tea

Anyway, still on the subject of food, the processing of chicken and mushrooms as mentioned in my last post, proved to be a great success, though the photograph of it I took did not.  So instead, here is a picture of the Huntsman’s Chicken Pie from Annabel Langbein’s Share The Love, a delicious chicken, bacon, mushroom and white wine base topped with a sort of scone/dumpling. Perfect for an autumn evening. Recipe link above.

IMG_7747A better photograph than mine

*Made with the recipe for date scones in this post but substituting apricots for dates


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