Cee’s Share Your World Challenge: Week 19

Here we are at week 19 already and some great questions from Cee to answer in this week’s challenge.  As usual, I read these on Tuesday morning, and have all day to plan my answers. Also as usual, I don’t read any other responses before I write mine.

You win a pet monkey but this isn’t just any old monkey. It can do one trick for you whenever you want from getting a pop out of the fridge to washing your hair. What would be the trick?

After great thought, I opted for ironing (and folding where necessary).  This would save me the stress of watching the pile of things to iron grow as well as doing me a great service.

What caring thing are you going to do for yourself today?

I took the afternoon off work, bought a pair of shoes, enjoyed a cup of green tea with jasmine and pear and went for an acupuncture session for my frozen shoulder.

IMG_7711Time for tea

What colour do you feel most comfortable wearing?

Blue.  Almost any shade.

Blue skies

Complete this sentence:  When I travel I love to….

Try new foods and visit a local museum to learn about its history and the area.  Not all of these are interesting, but many are.

The fabulous art gallery in Christchurch

What are you grateful for from last week…

The weekend as I wrote about a couple of posts ago – nice to see and catch up with friends and see some dance.

…and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

The weekend…of course.  No plans except to get up early on Sunday morning to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, though I probably shouldn’t admit to that!

* Cover picture is of Oamaru, South Island.

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