Six Things on a Thursday

Thursday – that day where we anticipate the weekend and are feeling tired from the week before.  With that in mind, here are six things this sunny Thursday.

1.  Walking to work now that autumn is here, there are different things to see – the large oak trees in the Botanic Gardens are shedding their leaves and scattering their acorns all over the ground, the flower beds have been prepared for the planting of daffodil bulbs and the birds…well, the ducks are still noisy, the kakas are still flying over head and the blackbirds are still their cheeky selves.


Early morning walking to work, and meeting a blackbird with his breakfast

2.  At last, I had an X-ray and ultrasound for my frozen left shoulder. As a reward, I grabbed a cup of tea and a blueberry and coconut cake in the cafe in the library.

IMG_7608Green tea and a little treat

3.  It turned out to be yet another glorious, sunny day.  Nothing beats Wellington on a good day, and we’ve had quite a lot of them recently.

IMG_7610Approaching the City to Sea bridge


A favourite place to sit and contemplate

4. I had the time and space to also pop into the City Art Gallery today, enjoying particularly Bullet Time, featuring the work of two New Zealand video artists, Steve Carr and Daniel Crooks.  I sat for at least 15 minutes watching half of Steve Carr’s Watermelon.  Take out half an hour and watch.  It is strangely compulsive viewing.

5.  Thursday is Pilates – what more can I say?  Bought some red chard on the way there to enjoy with sausages.

IMG_7617Red chard – just toss with some olive oil and garlic until softened

6. Thursday evening is here.  The cat is asleep, dinner has been eaten and it is time to see what Netflix has to offer.  Tomorrow is Friday…and there is a long weekend with several things planned to look forward too.  Goodnight from Wellington!


Dreaming of food no doubt

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