This Week’s Small Pleasures: episode 6

It was a bit of a busy, tired and stressful week, but there were several small pleasures as well.  Thanks again to A New Life Wandering for the brilliant idea for a weekly post.

1 Feijoas – that scented, distinctive tasting fruit that is in season right now. The first time I tried one I wasn’t too sure, but now we’ve been here three years, I’ve learned to love them and look forward to making apple and feijoa chutney again in the coming weeks.

IMG_7602A pair of feijoas

2 Making marmalade for the first time from pink grapefruit and oranges.  I am delighted to say that it set perfectly and even tastes quite good. The recipe I used was from Cuisine magazine, but marmalade recipes are easy enough to find. There is something rewarding about making a batch of preserves. Oh and I also made quite a bit of mess…..

IMG_7597Pink grapefruit and orange marmalade

3 Sunny, autumn days – need I say more? We’ve had an excellent summer and so far autumn has been good too.  Yes it is a bit chilly in the early mornings and late evenings, but the sun has been out most days.


4 Each year we’ve been here, these gorgeous white flowers bloom on the plant that weaves its way in and out of the fence in front of the house.  A small pleasure to see the first blooms.

IMG_7599Autumn flowers

5 Pilates, a massage and the date scones I wrote about in my last post also brought some happiness on Saturday, but the greatest small pleasure this week was having Karl home again from his trip to Hong Kong.


Karl came home


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