Watching, listening, reading: March

Where has March gone?  I can’t believe it is the 29th already.  Anyway, here’s what has been keeping me entertained through watching, listening and reading.


Despite a vague promise to go to the cinema once a month at least, we didn’t manage in March, though we did go to twice in February.  The second time was right at the end of the month when we went to a film on the French Film Festival. Courted (L’hermine) won the Best Actor (Fabrice Luchini) and Best Screenplay awards at the 2015 Venice International Film Festival. The film is a court room drama, though more focused on characters than the story of the trial.  It also stars Sidste Babette Kundesen, the Danish actress, who some of you might know from Borgen.  We had a large (and good) meal beforehand at Five Boroughs on the corner of Roxburgh Street and Majoribanks Street.


A large and tasty toasted sandwich – just the thing before the cinema (?)

While ironing I have to watch something, and the other day I stumbled upon a 2015 documentary by Nigel Slater, Icing on the Cake, about the history of cake which was fun. You can watch it here if you are interested.

Also during March we saw the concluding parts of Happy Valley – such a brilliant series and well worth catching if you can.  A third series of the excellent police series Line of Duty has begun, and already has us gripped.  Both of these are BBC series, but I believe Happy Valley is available on Netflix (?).

On a very different note (excuse the pun!) we also watched the final of Melodi Festivalen. The winner was Frans, not particularly my favourite.  Now to wait for the final on 14th May.


The podcasts that keep my brain working in the office these days include Stuff they don’t want you to know, Stuff you missed in history class, Stuff you should know and 99% invisible.   I’ve also enjoyed a couple of The New Yorker podcasts, and have also picked up a few of Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School podcasts for inspirational morning get-going listening.

The Archers over on BBC Radio 4 continues to keep me hooked with a gripping story line about domestic abuse.  This has had the listeners divided – those who think it not in keeping with ‘the everyday life of country people’ and those who find it intense and have us holding our breath for the next installment.  I fall into the latter category I must admit.

Music – still zero, except in the car and over dinner.  One day I’ll start to listen properly again.  Perhaps.


As well as getting through 3 more detective novels (two by Edmund Crispin which are delightfully funny), I have been enjoying the letters of Lady Diana Cooper to her son John Julius Norwich between 1939 and 1952.  She was married to Duff Cooper, who was a Conservative Member of Parliament and became Minister of Information during World War II.  The letters cover the wartime period, and are full of fun and stories such as putting her foot through a glass panel on a plane she was flying in. An interesting read and an insight into the period.

IMG_7383Darling Monster

I had three foody magazines to look at this month, and am now more determined than ever to actually take time and make a list of things I want to try and make.  Top of my list for some reason is marmalade.  It is also approaching the time for stews and warming dishes, so I guess I have that whole area of cooking opening up.  ‘Tis the season for apples, squash, pears, turnips…and of course that special fruit, the feijoa…so lots of things to whet the appetite and get the creative juices flowing.


Inspiration?  Or just too many ideas?

PS – the image for this blog really has nothing to do with the post, but it does indicate a good place to watch, read and listen 🙂




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