Six things on a Saturday

The house is full of the smell of baking, the sun is shining, the last of the cicadas are singing away and I have two more days free from work to come.  All I really need now is a cup of tea.  So…here are six things this Saturday.

1  Autumn flowers

While I have got used to Christmas in summer, I still find it hard to get used to Easter in autumn as it is a feast about rebirth and spring.  Anyway, we have some flowers in the backyard which almost seem spring like.

IMG_7412Japanese anemones


More Japanese anemones

2  Eggs

Can someone tell me where I have put the Easter decorations?  For some reason, the bag of wee chickens and cardboard eggs has disappeared.  Goodness knows what safe place I put them in last year.  I should really dye a couple for Easter, but brown eggs, which was all I could find today in the supermarket, are really hard to colour.  Might give it a go anyway.

3  Cake

The smell of baking is coming from a lemon yoghurt cake I last made in September of last year.  The recipe is from Unna Burch’s My Garden Kitchen, which is such a lovely book to look at as well as cook from.  Check out her website The Forest Cantina and follow her on Instagram @the-forest-cantina for some wonderful food art.


Not food art but a tasty cake nevertheless

4  Fish curry

Still on food, tonight’s dinner will be a fish curry, using Nigel Slater’s recipe from Appetite.  It’s one I go back to again and again as it is so simple.  I’m going to use tarakihi for my fish tonight.

IMG_7415Book marked and well used

5  Sunday

The weather looks as if it is going to remain good, so depending on how we feel, we might just drive over to Martinborough.  I’ll be roasting a chicken for dinner whatever else we do.

6  A flag

So New Zealand is keeping its current flag.  If you want to know more, I suggest this article from Radio New Zealand sums it all up.

PS – I just found the Easter decorations (the cup of tea must have helped) and have made some brown eggs a deeper shade of brown by boiling them with onion skins.

IMG_7421Which came first…the chickens or the eggs?


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