As March begins…Fringe, fun and food

Anyone else agree that 2016 seems to be traveling along at great speed?  I can’t believe it is already March…before we know it, it will be June and we’ll be on our travels in Europe, visiting family and friends in Sweden, Denmark and Scotland.  In the meantime, here are six things from life in Wellington this week.


Sunset last Sunday

Footnote on the Fringe

The New Zealand Festival and Fringe Festival are on right now (see here for what I saw last week), and on Monday I went to see some more dance, a short piece entitled Who Are We Now?  Choreographed by Maria Dabrowska, it was danced by ChoreoCo, a company created especially for the New Zealand Fringe Festival and made up of new dancers. The project was established by local company, Footnote Dance.  The six dancers explored identity, using as a prop, newspaper – ripping it up, making paper hats, stuffing it up jumpers. It was quite good, and the dancers themselves clearly enjoyed the moment of exposure.


Cyclone Winston, which hit Fiji on 20th February, was a Category 5 storm, with winds of over 200mph.  The cyclone inflicted extensive damage, and killed at least 43 people.  Entire villages were flattened, many houses destroyed and there are still households without electricity and fresh water.  Suva, the capital, was not directly in the cyclone’s path and avoided the worst damage.  A fund raising morning tea was held where I work, with proceeds going to the Red Cross appeal, and the Voluntary Services Abroad (VSA) were collecting money and giving out bracelets.  In Suva today (Saturday), there was a concert organised by the Fiji Performing Rights Association to raise money for cyclone victims.

For Fiji


We also had some fun on Thursday, when we headed off to see the stand-up comedian Danny Bhoy at the Michael Fowler Centre. He comes from Edinburgh, and it was noticeable that a good proportion of the audience was from Scotland.  Anyway, despite the fact that I had the start of a cold, I really enjoyed the evening, and laughed all through the set.  There was also a local comedian who did a great short warm-up act, whose name infuriatingly escapes me.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Pilates is my favourite exercise.  I’ve now finished my yoga introduction, and have to say that all though I got a lot out of it, Pilates remains my number 1.

Food – Superfood

Those of you in the UK or who follow British media, will have seen the recent fuss about black pudding being granted the status of a superfood (see a piece in The Guardian here).  I love black pudding, especially that from Stornoway, (Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland) but have found a couple of tasty ones here too, such as Harrington’s, which I have been enjoying all week, not just for breakfast, but as part of Friday’s lunchtime salad.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBlack pudding, spinach, tomato, mushroom and homemade feijoa and apple chutney

Flour, butter and sugar

With another bake sale coming up at work, it was time this weekend to try out some baking in advance. These almond oatmeal cookies from My Favourite Pastime looked like a strong possibility.

IMG_7241Almond oatmeal cookies

Verdict: these are delicious and highly recommended – crisp, bursting with vanilla flavour and a bit of crunch from the almonds.  I figure that if I substitute green glace cherries for red, these would work for the St Patrick’s Day theme of the fund raising event.



  1. They look so golden and crunchy. I wouldn’t mind one or two. Thanks so much for the feedback. Have a lovely weekend!


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