This Week’s Small Pleasures (episode 2)

A few posts back, I did a small pleasures post, and as this week has been one filled with these, I thought I would do another one.  Thanks to A New Life Wandering for the idea (and do check out her small pleasures post from this week when it goes up).

1.  For the first time, I actually enjoyed a yoga class!  I started the first of four introductory classes on Monday, and apart from a bit of a struggle with my left shoulder, got a lot out of it.  I’m looking forward to the next class in a week’s time (Monday is a public holiday in New Zealand).  Both of my Pilates classes were challenging and excellent.

2.  Wednesday was a glorious sunny day as I wrote about in my last post.

IMG_7017Dog being pulled along by a boat


Lunch time, Wellington, Wednesday

3.  Having sushi in the park for lunch


Sushi time

4.  Going to see an interesting dance performance by Java Dance, which I also wrote about in my last post.  Called The Wine Project, it was a sensual romp about…yes, wine.

5.  Friday morning looked like this…

IMG_7034Good morning

6.  I had my hair cut on Friday, and then Karl and I went out for dinner to Annam, a Vietnamese French restaurant in the city centre.  We started with some crispy spring rolls which were excellent and served with a nice dipping sauce and lots of coriander.  I had a chicken, coconut and lemon grass curry which was lovely and fragrant, and Karl had a braised beef dish, which although tasty, was a bit spoiled by the rather tough beef.  The restaurant does some interesting cocktails, but we just stuck with wine.

IMG_7039Friday night fragrant curry

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