Boulders, drought and Central Otago

One of the ‘problems’ about travelling in New Zealand is that there is so much to see.  Our short trip around a part of South Island only touched the surface.  After leaving Oamaru on Tuesday morning, we continued south and headed towards the Moeraki Boulders.  These large, spherical objects can be found on Koehohe Beach, near Moeraki on the Otago coast.

There are over 50 boulders to be found on the beach, with the biggest weighing 7 tons and being 2-3 metres wide.  Apparently there were more in the 19th century, with people taking them as souvenirs and so depleting the numbers.  Some sit on their own, some in clusters, some have been smashed open.  The beach is now a protected scientific reserve.





The Boulders are about 40km (approx 30 minutes drive) south of Oamuru, and really well worth stopping at.  Quite a special area.

From there we continued inland, witnessing how dry the interior of South Island can get.  The picture below was taken from the car window (yes, the sun came out), but gives some indication of the landscape.


After lunch in Alexandra, known for being the hottest, driest and coldest town in New Zealand, we headed towards Lake Roxburgh where we spent two nights. We stayed at Lake Roxburgh Lodge (more of which in the next post), in Roxburgh Village. Lake Roxburgh itself is an artificial lake, created by the Roxburgh Dam, an early hydroelectric scheme.  It lies on the Clutha River in the Teviot Valley and covers about 6 square kilometres.  Lake Roxburgh Village was originally built to be the permanent residence for dam maintenance workers, but is now more of a centre for access to the area.  There are cycle tracks and all sorts of sporting activities in the area if that is your thing.

We took a short walk up to a viewing point over the water, and also a turn around the village itself, before returning to the lodge for a drink before dinner and a relaxed evening.

IMG_6691Karl at the viewpoint


Some neighbouring sheep


Garden ornaments, Lord and Lady Roxburgh Village?


Sitting on the terrace



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