A New Year, hot weather and cold cider

Happy New Year from a Wellington where temperatures reached 28C today. It’s now evening and still hot.  Anyway, we had a lovely Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) having dinner at home with friends, attempting to dance both a waltz and a Gay Gordon’s (a Scottish ceilidh dance learn it here!), and generally enjoying celebrating the start of 2016.  It’s the one time of the year I feel Scottish, and have to play a wee bit of Scottish music to see in the new year – nothing like ‘Scotland the Brave’ to bring in a new year!

IMG_6550Our back yard today

It was too hot to sit outside earlier in the day, but we did get outside before dinner, for a quick drink.  I’ve been enjoying cider from Peckham’s recently such as this cardamon infused one.  The boysenberry one is also good.


Just the thing for a hot day

Anyway, the next post will be in just over a week.  I’ll be working on my goals for the year and enjoying some time off, but in the meantime, I wish all of you out there in the blogosphere a very happy 2016!



  1. We actually get a few varieties from Peckham’s in the U.S. and I’ve been wanting to give it a try. The only other NZ cider I’ve tried is Moa Kiwi, which was fine but a bit underwhelming on the kiwi flavor.


  2. Happy 2016! Yesterday was such a scorcher. Found it a bit much in all honesty, but I guess I shouldn’t have complained seeing as the rain I now pouring down…


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