If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea

If we were having coffee or even a cup of tea, we would be sitting outside in the sunshine.  It’s a lovely, sunny Sunday, so we would be making the most of it.

If we were having coffee or even a cup of tea, you would have a look at our Christmas tree, which this year is downstairs in the room we sit in a lot.  I would make a point of showing you this year’s new decoration, a glass kiwi.

IMG_6434Our tree, 2015


A glass kiwi on the tree

If we were having coffee, or even a cup of tea I would tell you I couldn’t resist these bunches of small carrots when shopping yesterday. There were huge piles of them as we came into Moore Wilson’s and they just looked so good.  I’m going to roast some of them with good olive oil and cumin seeds.  In any case, I feel we have enough now for each of Santa’s reindeer when he comes to call.

IMG_6419Purple and orange carrots

If we were having coffee or even a cup of tea, I would tell you that we had been to the garden centre this morning, bought some bedding plants and this cute little cactus.


A new cactus

If we were having coffee or even a cup of tea, I would talk to you about where I want to take the blog in 2016.  It needs a revamp and tidying up, but I need to find some time to do this.  We would also talk about our goals for 2016 (not resolutions…goals are a much better idea).  One of mine is to find a new job, one that interests me.  I would read to you a short paragraph from a piece by Rowena Grant-Frost in Frankie magazine (November/December 2015 page 82) which I thinks sums up my present feelings about my current job.

“When you go home after eight hours of being someone else, your head feels as full as a fishbowl and your shoulders feel as heavy as your heart.  Instead of relaxing, you find yourself trying to reconcile the distance between who you think you are and who you need to become to get by.”

If we were having coffee or even a cup of tea, I’d ask you if you would like to stay for dinner and join us eating roast pork with cider and maple syrup from ‘What Katie Ate at the Weekend’ by Katie Quinn Davies.

IMG_6437Getting ready to cook

It’s a really simple recipe, with a stuffing for pork fillet made from onion, garlic, prunes, apple, breadcrumbs and seasoning, and the meat covered in olive oil, maple syrup and cider, served with a cider based, creamy gravy.

If we were having a gin and tonic before dinner, we would toast each other’s health and to 2016 being a year of fulfilling goals and having fun.


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