Christmas cheer and cat capers

A few of us at Pilates this morning were wondering where the year had gone.  Here we are, with Christmas round the corner, and 2016 almost here.  This year at work we had a ‘pod’ decorating competition.  Our pod went for a theme of ‘New Zealand Summer’, and combined jandals (flip-flops), a bucket and spade sitting on a bed of sand, sunglasses and a bottle of wine, with the Kiwi version of ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, ‘A Pukeko in a Ponga Tree’ (which you can listen to here if you so wish!).  Others were more traditional, though I particularly liked the chimney slapped with an earthquake prone building notice, and the desk with the ‘Star Wars theme’.

IMG_6404A Pukeko in a Ponga Tree (hence the kumara which feature in the song)


Some signs of summer


A Christmas welcome…


…in an earthquake prone building

While we may have tried to bring a little bit of summer into our office, it has hardly been summer outside.  To be fair, it seems to be two nice days then two days of rain and so on. So much for the predicted hot, dry summer!  Anyway, there have been some nice days and we are promised good weather for Christmas.


Monday sunshine

When the weather is good and we are at home, we keep the door open, which can mean visiting felines pop in to say hello.  While Charlie 2 slept upstairs, Casper came in to say hello downstairs.



Charlie settles down

Yesterday evening, Charlie decided to try somewhere new to get comfy.  Unfortunately, he didn’t tell us where he was going.  When I bent down to pull out the towels from the tumble drier, my hand touched something furry, something that should not be there.  I pulled at it, and discovered Charlie, who had jumped in and made himself comfortable.  I should point out, that the drier was not on!  I had opened the door and left it open to go back later to collect the towels.  I am not sure who got the bigger shock – me or the cat.

Ah well, here we are on Saturday, with the tree set up and waiting to be decorated, a fridge beginning to be full of Christmas goodies such as herring and ansjovis (pickled sprats – not anchovies) to make Janssons frestelse (Janssons temptation).  Presents are bought, my nephew arrives on Wednesday and holidays approach.  Things are looking good!

IMG_6389Herring for Christmas

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