Sunday: morning, noon and night

After the awful weather on Friday, the sun returned on Sunday, with a gorgeous day and no wind (at least where we are).  Since we are both busy, and with trips ahead, this Sunday was a low-key day with a leisurely breakfast, lazy afternoon and a relaxed dinner.

Sunday croissant with a cheeky stawberry

After grocery shopping (a task I like – there’s something about wandering up and down the aisles wondering what to buy that is always interesting), I spent the afternoon outside, re-potting indoor plants, reading and listening to podcasts.  Actually, I listened to Jess Lively and The Jess Lively Show, which I have really grown to like.  The conversation on being transgender with Dillian DiGiovanni was riveting, and the one on the enneagram personality types (I am a 7 for those of you who know about it – maybe time to do a post on it?) also interesting.

IMG_6246The current state of our backyard

Re-potting the spider plant


Looking up at the sky

As the evening approached, I looked in the fridge and decided that really the aubergine and courgettes should be used up, along with some tomatoes that might not last that long.  Obviously, a ratatouille was called for, with lots of garlic, aubergine, courgettes, a little red capsicum and those tomatoes.  The house filled with the delicious smell in no time.

Aubergine – or eggplant if you prefer

Yesterday, desert was a mix of fresh blueberries and raspberries, today, it was strawberries, which I have to say are really excellent at the moment.

Strawberries again

So, as Sunday draws to a close and we sip a glass of sauvignon blanc while watching ‘Dr Who’, I am also checking the weather forecast for Melbourne at the end of the week…looks like summer dress weather!

Summer Sunday



  1. Thank you for sharing these episodes of The Lively Show. It’s wonderful to hear they resonated with you. : ) — And I’m glad we covered the 7 in the show for you, in particular, too. : )



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