Watching, listening reading: November

I honestly cannot believe it is the end of November already.  It seems like yesterday we were watching fireworks at the start of the month, and not that long since the tulips were in bloom.  Anyway, here’s what I’ve managed to watch, listen to and read this month.


Well, we continue with ‘Downton Abbey’ (thank goodness it is the last series – it is past its sell by date) and ‘Dr Who’ on TV, and have started on series three of ‘The Bridge’ which is currently on show in the UK. In case you are wondering, this is the third series of the original Danish-Swedish show, not any of the spin-offs.  This is another ridiculous series, in which the Danish and Swedish police not only co-operate, but understand each other’s languages perfectly.  The whole premise of an investigation into a crime being conducted like this is just silly.  I should, of course, just suspend belief and concentrate on the drama!  Anyway, we are still loving ‘The Detectorists’ I mentioned last month, and have also started on ‘Capital’, another BBC drama, which seems good so far (and stars both Rachael Stirling and Toby Jones who are also in ‘The Detectorists’).

Our balcony, Copenhagen, 28 November 2010


  Yarn bombing, Malmö, August 2012


I continue to listen to Stuff You Should Know at work when I don’t want to be disturbed.  At home, I continue to find things on BBC Radio 4 Extra such as more Miss Marple and P D James’ Adam Dalgliesh. Music? I really like this version of the Chaka Khan hit, Ain’t Nobody, by Felix Jaehn, featuring Jasmine Thompson.


With all the travelling and a horrible, stressful time at work, I’ve just felt like reading light, easy stuff, especially detective novels.  I also read Dorothy Wipple’s “High Wages”, first published in 1932.  If you enjoy period pieces, then try it.

IMG_6229November reading

I’ve also, of course been reading blogs.  Current favourites include Urban Cottage Life, and a brand new blog (one post so far) called The Wee Baker, that looks as if it is going to be a fun read and one to watch.  As the title implies it is about baking, but it’s going to feature other food related items, in and around Melbourne.

And with that, time to plan the holiday reading.  But first, a cup of tea and to get down to writing Christmas cards.

IMG_6243That time of year again

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