Sunday, sunshine and a wee Scottish event

We woke up this morning (Sunday) to pictures on Facebook of a snow covered Copenhagen.  As someone who dislikes snow, it gave me a perverse sort of pleasure to look out on a sunny Wellington.  Of course, it is spring here and late autumn there, but still…


Sunday morning

To make the most of the sunshine, we walked into town, with the aim of heading to the vegetable market.  It was a glorious walk, and Wellington was looking at its best.  As we approached Frank Kitts Park, we saw (and then heard) a small pipe band, playing as usual, “Scotland the Brave”.  I swear I hear pipe bands here more often than I ever did in Scotland!  Anyway, we followed them to a very wee row of stalls, celebrating Scotland prior to St Andrew’s Day on the 30th of this month.


The City of Wellington Pipe Band


Shetland tent


Flag and the Wellington Gaelic Society

After all that ‘excitement’, it was time for lunch, so we headed along the waterfront to the market, where Karl picked up a bratwurst, and I opted for a mussel fritter from Food for the People.


Food for the People stall


Mussel fritter with aioli


Yum (especially the white bread….)

Suitably fed, we headed over to the vegetable stalls, where I picked up some spinach, tomatoes and an aubergine.  I’ll use the spinach tonight to have with some salmon, and stir fry some courgettes that need to be used up quickly with tomatoes and garlic.  From there, we wandered home, and I spent the afternoon reading and baking cake for a fund raising thing at work next week.  A good Sunday, with sunshine and no snow.


Wellington City Harbourside Market 1


Wellington City Harbourside Market 2


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