Purple, red and green

It is so nice to come home from work, sit outside, put my feet up and catch up on things that have nothing what so ever to do with the office.  Today, Monday, is a lovely sunny day, and so I am making the most of the early evening sunshine, sitting out on the deck.

Spring is such a great season, with warmer weather and new signs of life popping up all over the place.  One thing I had hoped to have when we moved here, was a little spot to grow some vegetables.  There isn’t really a place here to do so, so other than a few pots of herbs, I’m still purchasing the carrots.  I am much more of a vegetable person than a fruit person, and can quite happily eat a large plate of greens, topped with an egg or cheese.

IMG_5693Vegetables for sale in Common Sense Organics


Rainbow coloured chard

IMG_5707Sprouting broccoli – steam and add cheese

Vegetables come in so many glorious colours too – take the aubergine or eggplant, with its shiny purple skin, that just screams ‘buy me’ when I see it.  I’m going to cook some tonight in the same way I did here last year.


Aubergines – or eggplants

Footnote:  The blog was started as a means of documenting our new life.  Now we have been here for coming up to 3 years, some things that were new and exciting at the beginning have now become common place.  Hope to do some more travel pieces and about things to see and do around Wellington in the next few months.

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