Sunday: morning, noon and night

Sunday was a lovely, sunny, spring day, and with Karl up early to head over to Canberra, I had the day to myself.  One thing I always like to do when he is away, is make myself breakfast and take it back to bed, and yesterday was no exception.  While it may not always be advisable to eat croissants in bed, I did so, and caught most of the crumbs on the plate and tray (most…not all). I had a good dollop of Fix and Fogg’s dark chocolate peanut butter too, as after all it was Sunday.

IMG_5637Tea, golden kiwi fruit, croissants and a little bit of luxury

Inspired by Marie Kondo (see last post), I started a mini clear out, surprising myself by filling 2 bags with clothes without having even got through more than a few drawers, and discovering I have an over abundance of socks.

Anyway, after all that effort, more food was needed, and as I decided not to go into town, I made myself a sort of brunch.  Vogel’s toast, asparagus, poached eggs, cheese, tomato and a little yoghurt/chipote dressing for the asparagus.

IMG_5639Brunch time

Obviously a walk was needed, so I walked down to the Botanic Gardens where it was Tulip Sunday.  There were stalls selling Dutch foods, some children dressed up in national costume and of course a wonderful display of flowers.

IMG_5644A windmill


Stalls and tulips


More tulips


Even more tulips


And more

It was just such a glorious afternoon, and it was nice just to wander about the gardens.  After a good walk, I spent the afternoon just reading, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the tuis chatter away.

IMG_5664Walking in the gardens

The evening was spent quietly, catching up on correspondence and watching Doctor Who.  A lovely Sunday, with no thought of the Monday to come.


  1. Sounds like a peaceful day well spent (and that dark choc peanut butter jar oh my!!). Bon voyage, I hope to visit Floraide one day. x



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