Watching, listening, reading: September

So here we are almost at the end of September and another round of what I’ve been watching, listening to and reading during September.


We actually got to the cinema again this month and saw “People Places Things” as I posted about here.  I had hoped to try to catch “Iris”, the film about Iris Apfel, today but the weather was too good to be indoors.  Doctor Who has started again, and just a day behind the UK.  Otherwise, I find I’m spending far too much time on You Tube, watching Hannah Hart, Ingrid Nilsen and other random things, although I did watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” again last Sunday when it was wet.  Oh and also watching the signs of spring!



Well, one thing you can’t escape where we live is the bird song.  There was a very loud tui just outside a moment ago, and I just managed to capture it, hiding in the tree.

IMG_5678A tui, singing loudly

I’ve got to the end of the set of Ear Biscuits podcasts, and working through a few of Stuff You Should Know.

Otherwise, nothing new, so if anyone can recommend podcasts or radio shows I may have missed, then please leave ideas in the comment section.


Finally, I gave in and picked a copy of Marie Kondo’s tidying book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying”, and I might as well add my thoughts to the many others out there.  I think her concept of only keeping things ‘that spark joy’ is a good one, and after applying it to my T-shirts, suddenly found I had got rid of about half a dozen in 5 minutes – they no longer gave me joy.  However, some of her ideas are a bit wacky – she keeps her carrots vertical in the fridge for example, but the general idea behind her system I think may work.  I’m not sure it will change my life, but who knows?  I think I am going to finish clearing my wardrobe that way, though not sure I’ll pull ALL my books off all the shelves and onto the floor, which is what you are supposed to do, when clearing out your books.


I’ve also added another writer to my ‘female detective fiction writers from the 30s 40s, 50s and 60s’ list, namely Joan Aiken who I remember from childhood as the author of that great book “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase”.  I had no idea she also wrote a number of thrillers, including this one from 1964.  It is a fast paced and humorous book in that lovely old-fashioned style I do like.


1960s thriller



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