An anniversary, a desert and a nice evening

Yesterday, Friday, was our 11th wedding anniversary.  It also means it is 11 years since I left Scotland and 2 years and 8 months since we left Denmark, not that that is really an anniversary as such.  To celebrate, we looked at going somewhere new, but in the end settled on Cosa Nostra down in Thorndon where we actually went for our anniversary dinner last year.

IMG_5626It’s open

I opted for some really good gnocchi with a fresh pesto and tomatoes (which had been lightly oven roasted) and Karl had tomato and beef based ravioli, all washed down with chianti for a change.



Every time we go there, we always have the affogato for desert.  There is just something about that combination of hot coffee and ice cream that just works perfectly (as well as reminding me of the character played by Juliette Binoche in the film ‘Three Colours: Blue’ who always has one in the cafe she goes to).  I had an amaretto with mine too, as after all, we were celebrating.

IMG_5622Enjoying desert – half way through

IMG_5623Leaving – content



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