Roast, rain and inescapable rugby

‘After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations’, wrote Oscar Wilde in ‘A Woman of no Importance’.  Well, after a good roast dinner on Sunday, I was almost prepared to forgive the weather gods for some atrocious weather.  It rained most of Sunday, and today, Monday, is cold, wet and windy and more wintery than spring like.

Yesterday’s roast was beef, briefly marinated in mustard and balsamic vinegar, before being roasted and accompanied by roast parsnips, baby carrots and yams (the New Zealand sort), and accompanied by potatoes and a red wine gravy.  Quite the food for a dull day, and washed down by some good red wine we bought at Margrain vineyard over in Martinborough where we spent a weekend a few weeks ago.   We’re going to enjoy the leftovers tonight, along with some homemade coleslaw made with finely shredded cabbage, apple, carrot, a few pumpkin seeds and a mustard mayo.


Coleslaw on a Monday

On the other side of the world, the Rugby World Cup is taking place.  It is impossible to escape this event here in New Zealand as you can imagine, with the All Blacks aiming to retain their champion’s title.  The team had it’s first match…well, at about 3am our time.  Quite a few of my work colleagues had got up to watch it, and were happy at least that the All Blacks beat Argentina, after being down in the first half.  There are weeks of this to come, so I expect I’ll mention it again in another post.  Meantime, if you like rugby and Lego, check this link out.

The best news today though has been the return of Charlie 2.  We haven’t seen him for a couple of months, but he came around today, miaowed loudly, checked the house and took a quick nap.  Hope he is here to stay!


Charlie comes back!



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