Lemons, ginger and being at home

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been reminded that it was exactly three years ago that we first came to Wellington for my husband’s job interview.  We moved here a few months later, and still get a the lovely sense of ‘new’ now and again.  For example, being a northern European, I still find it ‘exotic’ to enjoy a lemon plucked that morning from a colleague’s lemon tree in their garden.

I’m off work for the second day with a bad cold.  While it is nice to have time to catch up on blogs, read and listen to interesting radio programmes (such as this one about The Carabinieri Art Squad on the BBC), it is also miserable to feel all stuffed up and lacking in energy.

Back to lemons…I’m a huge fan of lemons and ginger as a cold cure, and have been consuming what seems like vast amounts, alternating with green tea with jasmine.

IMG_5571Ginger and lemon tea, sometimes with manuka honey too

A bowl of lemons


Blue and yellow

A squeeze of lemon juice is essential with fish, livens up most dishes and is essential in a gin and tonic (though lime is perhaps better).  With this lovely big bowl of lemons around, looks like a lemon drizzle cake (or maybe lemon yoghurt cake?) is on the cards for the weekend, unless I drink them all away.




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