A weekend, a cake and a film

This weekend was the first in ages that we had nothing in our diaries, so Saturday saw me go to Pilates, meet Karl, do a food shop and come home to potter and in my case, get into the kitchen and get baking.  Anton had his birthday in Copenhagen, so this weekend was a chance to bake him a belated cake.  As last year, he chose a marble cake.  The recipe I used both this year and last year is in fact one of the easiest cake recipes ever, though the results are excellent.  You can find the recipe here on the BBC Good Food website.  Useless fact of the day: marble cake is called ‘tiger cake’ in Swedish.

IMG_5543Cake in tin


Cake about to be eaten with raspberries and thick yoghurt

Today, Sunday, has been a gloriously sunny day.  We took the opportunity to walk into town through the Botanic Gardens which is now full of flowers of every hue.

IMG_5555Hyacinths blooming

We stopped off for lunch at Ekim Burger at the top of Cuba Street.  This place got into a bit of trouble earlier this year after the way the owner reacted to a customer complaint (you can read more about that here).  We’ve been a couple of times, and both times impressed by the quantity and quality for the price.  Yes you sit outside (which is fine if the weather is good), yes everything is a bit rough and ready, but that is its charm.  You place your order, give your name, and then go up to the van to collect. Costs are further cut by the burgers coming in brown paper bags, which makes for a bit of a messy eat, but no harm in that.  I had a chicken, avocado and bacon combo with all sorts of sauces and salad which was just as good as last time and really juicy.

IMG_5562Ekim, Cuba Street


Lemonade and cola – I ate the burger before I took a picture

From there we wandered over to The Lighthouse cinema to see “People Places Things”, a new film starring Jemaine Clement (as in “Flight of the Conchords” and “What We Do in the Shadows”) as a newly single graphic novelist and teacher, adjusting to his new life.  It also stars Stephanie Allyne as the ex wife, Jessica Williams as his match making student, and Regina Hall as his new potential love interest.  The two girls who played his daughters (Aundrea and Gia Gadsby) were a delight.  It was a light, amusing film, perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

And so here we are on Sunday evening, catching up on blogging, reading and getting ready for the week ahead.  Hopefully my cold will clear up quickly, the doctor have good news about my shoulder and the weather stay sunny and spring like, and before we know it, it will be the weekend again.




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