An airport, a flight and Auckland again

I’m sitting here on Friday evening, sniffing away, having somehow caught a cold now it is spring, even though got through the winter without one.  Ah well….

It’s actually been a quiet week after several weeks of full diaries. We even have a quiet weekend ahead with no plans for a change, although I will have to bake a cake for Anton, who had his birthday when he was in Denmark.  The choice is the same as last year, which is good as I haven’t done any baking for weeks and am not feeling full of energy to try something new.

Today I had to fly up and back to Auckland for a work meeting.  Not the most exciting thing to do I guess, but it was a day out of the office and a productive meeting.  Having seen the latest Air New Zealand safety video (click the link to see if you haven’t done so already) four times in the space of a week, stuffed my pockets with the Air New Zealand lollies (sweets, candies) and eaten BBQ cassava crisps twice in one day, I feel like I have had enough of that for a wee while.


A plane, waiting for passengers to go to Auckland

Wellington Airport is small, but is shortly going to have the runway extended to allow for more long-haul flights, which will be excellent as there will be less need to have to transfer in Auckland.  Above the waiting area of cafes and shops, hangs a 13 metre long Gollum, catching fish, Gandalf sitting on of two Great Eagles, “bringing news from Middle-earth to Wellington”, and another eagle which I believe is Gwaihir the Windlord.  He is particularly famous for falling down during a 6.2 earthquake in January 2014.  With a 15 metre wingspan, and weighing about a tonne, this caused a bit of a minor panic as you can imagine.  Smaug the dragon can also be found watching over passengers checking in.


Gollum watching…


…a fish


Smaug making sure passengers don’t have explosive devices in their luggage

So, should you ever come to Wellington, you know who will be there to greet you and also wish you a safe journey home.  Next time…something a bit more interesting than an airport.




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