Watching, listening and reading: August

To celebrate the start of spring, a new occasional series on what I’ve been watching, listening and reading in the past month.


1. Dance – or to be precise – Footnote Dance 30 Forward, a celebration of the company’s 30th birthday at The Opera House in Wellington. A rather disappointing evening, consisting of a first half suitably called “Footnote Fragmented”, which was a seemingly random collection of 7 fragments of works.  Whilst I could understand they wanted to review their history through important pieces, this format was unsatisfactory and messy and gave the audience a poor overview of the company.  The second half, “Flip, Pivot, Boom”, conceived and directed by Malia Johnston, was much better, and a proper celebration piece.

IMG_5425Footnote at 30

2.  After all the pies and beer on Sunday, it was an afternoon on the sofa with “Clueless”.  Why not?


“Dionne and I were both named after famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials”


1. “In and Out of the Kitchen” on BBC Radio 4, written and starring Miles Jupp.  It’s one of the best comedies on the radio at the moment, and charts the life of cookery writer Damien Trench.  You can pick up series 4 which is on now from the BBC Radio 4 webpage (note – unlike their TV programmes, radio is freely available when outside the UK).

2.  Podcasts.  I’m still loving Ear Biscuits, even though with the exception of an old one where they interviewed Hannah Hart, I usually have no idea who they are talking to, not being a huge YouTube watcher (despite what my husband thinks!).  However, the conversations often push me to look at something new, and the life stories are always interesting.  I’ve also downloaded a few from Stuff You Should Know I really must make time to listen to.


1. In between detective novels, blogs and biographies, there is nothing I love more than a good magazine.  There is a great shop, Magnetix, just off Lambton Quay in Wellington, that if you are a magazine junky, you are bound to find something of interest.  Here’s a couple I picked up this month, Kinfolk and Frankie.  I think it interesting that in the age of digital media, the paper magazine is alive and well, albeit backed up by additional digital content.




2.  I love reading cookbooks, and picked up My Garden Kitchen, the new book from Unna Birch of the well-known New Zealand food blog, The Forest Cantina.  Her photographs make all dishes look tempting, and I’m going to swap my usual poached salmon for her roasted salmon.

Another cookbook

Note:  Clueless photo from this article which is worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

Note 2: The pictures are deliberately misaligned 😉

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