Beer, pies and burgers

Yes, a nice healthy blog post title this time around!  Wellingtonians can probably relate a bit to this given that Wellington on a Plate has been on for a couple of weeks and has featured the Burger Wellington challenge, where for every burger and beer combination you try, you can vote for who you think should win this year’s challenge for the best burger in town.

On Tuesday evening, we headed to The Village Pub in Kelburn.  We hadn’t been there for ages, mainly because of the steps from our house that take us up to the village and my aversion to them, so it made a nice change.  There was a pub quiz going on in half of the pub, but we were tucked away in the restaurant half.  Karl had the Moroccan spiced lamb burger with Zany Zeus feta and masala lassi.  He described it as spicy with good flavour, and gave it 8/10 (compared to 10/10 for the one at Cafe Medici).  I opted for the Waikanae smoked fish potato top pie with mushy peas.  The topping and filling were lovely, but the pastry base was rather too crisp and quite unnecessary.  As it was a two course deal, very unusually I opted for the dessert which I shared with Karl.  This consisted of a Whittaker’s White Chocolate truffle which I didn’t particularly like, a milk chocolate crème brûlée which worked remarkably well and a dark chocolate flourless cake thing which was lovely.

And so to this week’s Sunday lunch!  Last year, we went to The Sprig and Fern’s beer and pie tasting event as part of Wellington on a Plate.  We so enjoyed it we decided to go again this year, and taste five new pies and beer pairings.  As last year, the pies were from Siggy’s Pies.


5 beers and 5 pies

The pies and beers from left to right were: pilsner and curry mince pie; pale ale and smoked fish pie; black IPA and spanokapita pie; Scotch ale and Moroccan lamb pie; porter and beef, bacon & blue cheese pie.  All the ingredients were locally sourced.  The first one was what you might called an every day pairing, which is not a criticism, just it was an easy match with a good balance of flavour.  The second match was also good, though for my taste I could have done with more fish in the pie.  The third pie was not really for me as despite being a spinach and feta fan, spanokapita just never does it for me.  The beer, however was excellent, a smokey, hoppy beer especially brewed for Black Beer Month at Sprig and Fern.  The fourth pairing was superb – a flavoursome pie bursting with flavour and a beer that perfectly matched the robust flavours.  The fifth pie was amazing, and would go well with a good red wine, though the paired porter also complimented the pie.


Our favourite pies

Full of food, we walked back home through the Botanic Gardens in lovely spring sunshine.





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