A film, some food and a typical Saturday

As you might guess from my response to what I look forward to in the weekly Cee’s Challenge post, the weekend is an important part of the week.  It is a time to forget about work, relax, have time to blog and do the laundry – well, that last thing is maybe not that exciting.

The weekend begins on Friday evening, and yesterday we went out to Petone to see our second film on the New Zealand Film Festival, “The Bright New Testament”.  How to describe it?  Simply put, it is about God’s ten year old daughter, who leaves home (via a washing machine and a pipeline) and is on a mission to create a Brand New Testament, that will liberate humanity from her father’s destructive whims with the help of, shall we say her older and better known big brother.  She recruits six desciples, including a small boy who wants to be a girl and  Catherine Deneuve who plays a bored, rich woman who bonds with a gorilla. Needless to say, this is all rather surreal as well as funny and at times poignant.  Highly recommended if you like that kind of thing.

IMG_5215The Lighthouse Cinema Petone


Excellent macaroni cheese with leek and bacon at the cinema, before the film

Saturdays tend to have a routine, beginning with a morning Pilates class for me and catching up on the news in Swedish for Karl. We then meet up and go grocery shopping, first to Moore Wilson’s and then to Pak ‘n’ Save ie a special shop for a few treats and a basic supermarket for all the basics.


Waiting at the wooden bus shelter

There’s always something to see on the 5 minute walk from the bus stop at the other end to the Pilates studio, and I love that part of my routine, watching what is going on in that little corner of Wellington.

IMG_5100A painted electrical box (read about it here)


The weekly fund raising sausage sizzle on Tory Street


The gate of the Mexican restaurant

 IMG_5229Some of our food haul

Saturday afternoons are about blogging, tea drinking, reading, napping and sometimes baking (and listening to the tumble dryer do its stuff), something I look forward to during the week.


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