6 things: a film, a walk but no muffins

Another 6 things post, a very random collection of things that happened last week and over the weekend.

1) A film

The New Zealand International Film Festival is on in Wellington at the moment, with a choice of so many films it is hard to decide what to see.  As we have done in the last two years, each of us picks a film to see.  I would love to go and see a whole lot more, but money and time (some films are only on weekday afternoons) limits us a bit.  Anyway, although I mentioned in my previous post, that last week was not a particularly good one, in fact on Tuesday we went to see “The Wolf Pack” after a good pizza and a glass of wine.  This documentary tells the story of the Angulo brothers, locked away from the outside world in an apartment in Manhattan.  The boys re-enact their favourite films, with extraordinary accuracy and props made of cardboard and tin foil. One of them eventually escapes, and what happens next is also part of the film. A fascinating film that I highly recommend.


Street music on a wet Saturday evening

2) A performance

Yesterday, Saturday, was rather wet, but we braved the elements and went to see Alan Davies doing stand-up at The Opera House.  Readers probably know him best from the TV programmes QI and Jonathon Creek, though he has done other things, such as a 1998 radio show.  A good evening and an antidote to the weather.


Part of a frieze in The Opera House

3) A walk to town

Today may have been a bit blustery, but it has been dry, so we decided to walk to town and try to pick up a couple of bits and pieces (which I may say we pretty much failed to do).  We had a good walk through the Botanic Gardens, Bolton Street Cemetery and all the way along to Cuba Street.  We stopped for lunch at Ekim Burgers, an open air place at the upper end of Cuba Street we had heard great things about.  The place operates from a truck, with an eclectic mix of tables and chairs.  It’s fast food, yes, but great quality.  I had the “Papa T”, a chicken with guacamole and bacon combo that had juicy and tasty bits of chicken and a whole heap of guacamole and salad.  Karl opted for the “Beefy Pete”, beef with bacon and guacamole, which he said was ‘the best burger he had had in New Zealand’ which is some praise.  I loved the way the burgers were served in paper bags, though I did make rather a mess, hence no photograph.


Waiting for lunch

4) A beer

We then walked up to Crafters & Co’s new shop on Webb Street, a craft beer distribution centre that plans to stock 500 beers from over 30 breweries.  They also stock a decent range of wine and spirits, and intend to expand a deli food corner as well.  We bought some beer from Saw Mill, which we last visited in February.


Saw Mill Pale Ale

5) An idea

Browsing through magazines and websites in recent weeks, there has seemed to have been a lot of pieces about authenticity, identity and self, and how we portray ourselves in the digital world.  After getting fed up of doom, gloom and selfies out there is social media, a former student of mine in Copenhagen has started a closed Facebook group with a very simple concept – upload a photograph (or video) of a scene, an event, a part of daily life, seeing the world from your perspective.  No selfies allowed, no comments without a visual prompt. It’s all about what you are doing right now, where you are, expressions of your daily life (eg waiting for a bus, going to a Pilates class, reading a story to your child).  As the tagline says “The planet is a HUGE place, let’s see people from all races, cultures, creeds and walks of life”.  Once you post your picture and label it, you add the tag “Where you at?” to keep the stories moving along.  I just love this: there are photos from all around the world of peoples’ every day lives, people partying, people waking up, people drinking coffee, people on holiday, people in the supermarket.  It is fun, surprisingly interesting, and not about boasting, just about daily life.  Congratulations M!


Friday, 5pm, Wellington

6) A Crumble

I had planned to make muffins, but when we came home, I just felt like flopping with a book and a cup of tea, so for our weekend desert I made an apple and pear crumble, which is a lot less effort (no greasing of a muffin pan, less mixing).  For today’s crumble I used 4 apples and 2 pears that needed to be used up, simmering them with a little cinnamon to soften them a bit (no sugar needed).  Put this into an ovenproof dish.  I made the topping today with 120g wholemeal flour, 110g porridge oats, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 75g butter and 150g brown sugar.  Place the flour, oats and baking powder in a bowl, add the butter and rub into the flour.  When it looks crumbly, add the sugar. Sprinkle over the prepared fruit and bake at 180C for 30-40 minutes or until the top is slightly brown.  Serve with whatever takes your fancy – custard, Greek yoghurt or ice cream.


A study of crumble part 1

IMG_5197A study of crumble part 2



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