Sun, rain and eating out

I’m sitting here drinking some green tea with lemon and ginger and watching (and listening) to heavy rain falling.  It looks like this weekend, New Zealand is going to take a battering from all sorts of wintery weather, so definitely time to sit indoors with tea and a good book or film.

You may have seen in my last post, there was still some snow on the top of the hills last weekend when we drove over to Martinborough.  Luckily, most of last week we had decent weather, including yesterday, when my nephew sailed over to Picton.


Friday in Wellington

Unfortunately, we were both at work last week.  With me doing my Xtend Barre and Pilates classes in town, it meant a good excuse for eating out a couple of times last week with our guest.  On Monday we went to El Matador on Cuba Street, for their Monday offer of a steak and a glass of Malbec for $24.  We’ve tried this before and were not disappointed this time again, with juicy steaks topped with a fresh chimichurri.

For my nephew’s last night in Wellington, we headed off to Monsoon Poon, again somewhere we have been a few times.  We shared some Vietnamese Summer Rolls, filled with fresh vegetables and coriander, accompanied by a lime and chilli dipping sauce and some pork filled wontons with a spiced plum sauce. My nephew opted for the Firecraker chicken, a hot and spicy dish.  Karl had the Thai Yellow Chicken Curry which got rave reviews, and I had the Aoraki salmon fillet on bok choy with a honey, soy, chilli & Sichuan pepper sauce, which was also really tasty, with the fish cooked just right.  It was too dark to take photos, so you’ll just have to imagine it.  Instead, I’ll share with you a picture of my Friday lunch toasted sandwich from Gasoline, where I am now such a regular, they make my pot of tea as I enter.


Salami, cheese and tomato toastie

I’ve cooking plans for tomorrow (perhaps for the next blog post), probably to be accompanied by some wine bought last week, but now I’m off to get comfortable with a book.

IMG_5050Our wine haul from last week from Murdoch James and Margrain

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