6 things: weather, a visitor and a wee trip

I woke up this morning, Saturday, and couldn’t think what to write in this weekend’s post.  What had happened this week that would be good for the blog?  Well, I attended a conference in Auckland, some of the suburbs of Wellington had a dusting of snow and my nephew arrived from Scotland.  So…here are 6 things that happened this week.

1) A mini trip.  I attend the ANZEA conference on evaluation up in Auckland.  It was held at the Waipuna Hotel, a 1970s building, modernised in the 1990s, featuring an eye challenging range of carpets, a comfortable reception area with a fire, and set in several acres of parkland overlooking a saltwater lagoon.

IMG_5013When it is raining…


When the sun shines…

2) The weather.  This week has seen more snow fall in different regions of New Zealand, thunder storms and lots of rain in Auckland, and even a dusting of snow around Wellington, including some in the suburb of Karori.  However, I would say, there was not even snow on every street, and it was gone by lunch time.  We’ve also had sunshine.  On Wednesday in Auckland it was warm enough to sit outside and have lunch, and today in Wellington the sun is out and everything is looking lovely.

3) Rugby.  Wednesday saw a historic rugby match, the first time Samoa have played the All Blacks in Samoa.  The All Blacks won, 25-16.

4) A visitor.  My nephew Karl (yes, there is some fun in the house right now with two people with the same name) arrived from Scotland.  He’s staying with us for a while before heading down to Christchurch.  Here he is, still a bit jet-lagged, enjoying some sunny, if cold, Kiwi weather.

IMG_5029Welcome to Wellington!

5) Purple Brussels sprouts.  Not a lot to say really, but spotted them today and had to buy them, just for the novelty value.


A bowl of purple sprouts

6) A cake.  Last week was my birthday but I didn’t have time to make a cake, so this week I have made a lemon and coconut cake again.  I have defrosted some raspberries to have with it after dinner tonight.



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