A birthday, a party and another Swedish cake

It’s now Sunday, and we are having a bit of a lazy morning before heading out for some food shopping and lunch.  After all the wet weather the past couple of days, the sun has come out, such a lift to the spirits.

Yesterday was Karl’s birthday, which we celebrated by having a few friends round for some food and drinks.  With 8 adults and 3 children, it was a fun afternoon.  The table was a mix of things associated with Swedish Midsummer, birthdays, and the reminder that it is midwinter here, with candles lit as the afternoon drew on.

IMG_4902Our mini table sized Midsummer pole

Being a birthday party, cake was naturally on the menu.  The apple cake featured in the last post was there of course along with a Prinsesstårta, or ‘Princess Cake’, a traditional celebratory Swedish cake that I bought from Moore Wilson, courtesy of Arobake.

IMG_4910The apple cake



The Prinsesstårta  is basically a layer cake consisting of sponge, raspberry or strawberry jam, patisserie cream, and a thick layer of whipped cream. If that wasn’t rich enough, this is then covered with a bright green marzipan, dusted with icing sugar, and normally topped with a red marzipan rose.  As the photograph was taken with the light on, you can’t see just how green it is, but you can find a picture, and even a recipe, here.  This cake didn’t come with the rose, so I topped it with a little Swedish flag, naturally inedible.  It was a great hit with the children, and some of the adults, especially the birthday boy himself.

I made a couple of plates with canapes (smoked salmon and rye bread with sour cream and lumpfish roe caviar), and added a cheese board (a buffalo and cow milk blue cheese from Over The Moon, a Waimata camembert, an aged cheddar from Linkwater, and Ramara, a cheese ‘inspired by the setting west sun’, a washed rind, soft and creamy cheese from Kapiti) with my homemade chutneys (tomato and feijoa/apple) and a bowl of sausage rolls.  There was also chocolate from the Wellington Chocolate Factory, a very spicy chilli, lime and nuts and their salted, brittle caramel.


A space for sausage rolls.

Copious amounts of beer, wine and other beverages flowed, cake consumed and a birthday well and truly celebrated.


Another view of the table, still waiting for the sausage rolls


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