Sunday, sunshine and stuff like that

Sunday was a lovely sunny, winter’s day, but instead of heading to a beach for a walk as we so often do, we headed over to Upper Hutt to the Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre to see the 50 Greatest Photographs by National Geographic exhibition that has been seen in various locations around the world.  Some of them were well known and iconic, some new to me, some of people, some of nature.  Each picture was accompanied by the story behind the picture which added to the experience.

IMG_4847Steve McCurry’s Afghan girl on the exhibition poster

If it comes to a city near you, look out for it.  I loved the Jane Goodall and chimpanzee one and there was a particularly stunning one of a woman shopping in Kabul, all dressed in red with a basket containing birds on her head.

We then had lunch at Cafe Romeo on the Main Street, where Karl opted for a very hearty BLT and I had a large plate of salt and pepper calimari.

IMG_4844Actually sneaked a picture this time


A cherub watching us eat lunch

Believe it or not, we still managed a roast chicken dinner at night, before preparing us for another week of work ahead.


Roundabout in Upper Hutt

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