Share Your World: Week 21

Gosh!  Cee’s Challenge this week has been a lot of fun, but also a tough one.  The challenge is to make four lists, with at least four items on each list, from a list of topics provided.  The first challenge was to decide on which four topics, so I have gone for: movies to cheer you up, fun things for a rainy day, favorite teas and stuff that makes you laugh.  The two that made the short list were favourite blogs (it would be hard to narrow the list down) and favourite types of animals (obviously cats at the top of that).

Movies to cheer me up:

Gregory’s Girl – goodness knows how many times I have seen it, still makes me smile

Legally Blond (yes really)

Cold Comfort Farm (the movie of the book)

Something with Doris Day in it, like Pillow Talk

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Barefoot in the Park


A pile of films

Fun Things for a Rainy Day:

Bake a cake or scones

Drink tea and read a good book

Tidy up a section of the house and see what treasures you can find and/or junk to throw out

Watch one of the movies above!

Make something – whatever you like doing – crafts, small DIY project, whatever

Get out recipe books, browse and write up a bucket list of things to cook or foods to try


Favorite teas

Ordinary black English breakfast style

Green tea with jasmin



Tokyo Lime green tea from T leaf T



Things that make me laugh

BBC radio comedies (a list in itself – eg In and Out of the Kitchen, The Small Intricate Life of Gerald C Potter)

“The Diary of a Nobody” by George and Weedon Grossmith – I’ve read it lots of times and still laugh

A number of comedy series – Ideal, Ever Decreasing Circles to name just two.

Being with certain friends that always make me laugh

My husband

The unknown – that moment when something makes you laugh for no obvious reasons.

It has been really cold today here in Wellington, sunny, but a proper winter’s day, so this perhaps has influenced me in my choice of movies, tea and staying indoors!  The holiday weekend approaches, so I may well be doing some of the things above if the weather is not so good.



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