A cat, a cake and a seagull

It is another lovely sunny day today, Saturday, and I’m sitting here with the door open, enjoying the autumn sunshine with a cup of Tokyo lime green tea beside me.  The house is full of the smell of a baking cake, so all is well in the world.  Bodie, our next door neighbour’s cat, came to call, going half way up the stairs, before realising I was watching him, and swiftly leaving.


Bodie says hello

Yesterday at lunch time, I took a stroll along the waterfront as it was such a lovely day.  I am lucky to work in the CBD and therefore have access to such a great place for a walk to break up the working day, as after all, nothing beats Wellington on a sunny day.

 IMG_4681  IMG_4679

A view and a sitting seagull

IMG_4682 IMG_4683

He stands up, and yawns – I obviously interrupted an afternoon nap


Chips for everyone, even the seagulls

The cake I mentioned above is a pear and spice cake – well, a ‘pear and ginger cake’ recipe from Dish, but I forgot to buy the fresh ginger, so just made it with cinnamon, nutmeg and powedered ginger.


The cake no 1

The verdict on the cake – very moist, very light, bits of pear visible and a lovely colour.  My version was more of a cinnamon pear cake, still delicious, but must make it with fresh ginger as well next time.

IMG_4691The cake no 2

PS – I followed the General Election results coming in during ‘our’ Friday, a real distraction from work.  Scotland is now represented by 1 Labour MP, 1 Conservative MP, 1 Liberal Democrat and 56 SNP Members of Parliament in Westminster.  It will be interesting to see what happens, if anything, in the months to come.


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