A sunny Sunday, listening to the radio and Monday evening

It’s now Monday evening, and while Karl watches ‘Game of Thrones’, I’m sitting listening to a 1960s BBC comedy sketch show called ‘Play it Cool’, starring Ian Carmichael and browsing blogs.  He had a perfect radio voice – wonderful in ‘The Small, Intricate Life of Gerald C Potter’ from the late 1970s and as Peter Wimsey in the radio dramatisations of Dorothy L Sayers’ novels. The show is delightfully dated, and fine for switching off on a Monday.

I’m a big fan of radio, voice radio not music, as I think I have mentioned before.  The first thing I do when I come home, or wake up, is switch the radio on.  It takes me through the day and my routines.  I listen these days to Radio New Zealand and BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra on demand, following serials, series and comedy programmes, though recently I have also got into podcasts from TED and ‘This American Life’ (and of course ‘Serial’ when it was on).

On a very different note and totally unrelated note, the weather this weekend was lovely, a real Indian summer. On Sunday we drove out to Makara again, one of our regular weekend spots.


View from Makara


Gorse bushes and native trees


Makara beach

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up early to go to an early Xtend Barre class before work.  I actually enjoy those classes as it sorts of sets you up for the day.  It is tough to get up early though on these dark mornings!  Still, I am determined to still go three times a week to classes, and the early morning ones are a good way to fit them in. Meantime, it is back to the radio and some recipe reading, a lovely relaxing end to the day.

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