A parade, a memorial and some shaky moments

I’m writing this on Anzac Day, which this year also marks 100 years of the New Zealand and Australian troops landing at Gallipoli.  As well as the dawn services, there have been other events and special exhibitions.  I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the fascinating looking exhibition at Te Papa museum which has been put together by Weta Studios, but the queues at the moment mean it is something to put off for a few weeks.

During the week we caught the light and sound show up at the newly refurbished Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.  Images were projected on both the carillon tower and the museum building.  It was an excellent event, with hundreds of people standing on the stairs and in the ground, watching the projections of both photographs of battle fields and troops and graphics of fish and birds, symbolic of the movement of the men and women involved.  It is impossible to capture something like this in still photographs, especially ones taken with a mobile phone, but it was a very moving and fascinating show.

Yesterday, Friday, was one of those blue sky days where you say ‘nothing beats Wellington on a sunny day’.  At lunch time, there was a parade of World War 1 vehicles from Parliament to Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.  There were around 16 vehicles, including a horse-drawn gun carriage from Sir Peter Jackson’s collection.

IMG_4575Horse drawn gun carriage

IMG_4582Not sure what that is


A bus converted into a vehicle for troops




 An original AFS ambulance – one of two in existence


One of the pipe bands


A bus with Sir Peter Jackson – above the Bovril ad

Later in the afternoon, we had another earthquake. On Thursday afternoon, there had been  a couple of shakes (4.4 followed by a 5.1 centred on Seddon in the north of South Island, which was the centre of the big ones we had in 2013). Friday’s quake was a 6.2, centered at St Arnaud in the north of South Island, and a deep quake and so not as bad as it could have been.  Still, it had us all ducking under our desks at work.  It is just a little scary to see your computer screen shake and wobble.








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