Pumpkins, feijoas and making chutney

With early autumn, comes a new wave of fruits and vegetables.  Apples, beans, capsicum (peppers), pears, passion fruit, pumpkin and of course feijoas.  This scented fruit is hugely popular here in New Zealand, though I’m not sure where else in the world.  I’ve written about them before here.


A pile of pumpkins

A couple of years ago I made some feijoa and apple chutney that was really good and lasted for ages, since I am the only person in our house who eats it.  This year I made some more, using this recipe, halving the quantities, and substituting curry powder for the spice and cayenne, which was what I used last time I made some.  I also used red onion this time around.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA mini pile of feijoas


A jar of feijoa chutney

It’s obviously too early to report on the final product, but I will report in due course.  The last batch I made paired well with strong cheese and cold meats of different sorts.  I’ve got a real urge to make some more pickles and preserves, and it is a pity we don’t have a garden with produce begging to be used up.  However, I might try and make a small batch of this tomato chutney before the price of tomatoes make this prohibitive and to give me a taste of summer through the winter.

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