Good Friday, good morning and a failed plan

We woke up on Good Friday to a lovely sunny, if windy day.  I had planned to make today a cooking day, starting with a full breakfast with the usual mix – bacon, black pudding, scrambled eggs and so on.  However, when I got home on Thursday I discovered a) that Karl forgot to buy milk so no scrambled eggs (none of us use milk hence this being a special purchase) b) I had (how???) forgotten to buy sausages c) the bacon was passed its eat buy date (how???).  So I thought ‘we’ll do this on Monday instead’ and then I found that d) the black pudding had to be eaten today.  Total fail all round.

However, I did eat some of the black pudding for my first breakfast.  I am always awake first, and as reported before, need to eat soon after waking up.  So today I had a sneaky couple of slices of black pudding with my first cup of tea, sitting out on the terrace.

IMG_4399Breakfast no 1 – black pudding with a tiny dot of mustard.


First cup of tea for the day

My second culinary foray today has been to make a terrine, from a recipe in Cuisine magazine.  It’s a dish that has to be made 24 hours in advance, so the final result will be in the next post.

The first step involves lining a terrine mould or loaf tin with plastic wrap.  Now, I feared a Mr Bean moment with this step, since me and plastic wrap are not the most compatible of things.  However, all went reasonably well with that step at least.


Lining the tin


The terrine ready to go into the oven

Despite not having our cooked breakfast, the house soon filled with that wonderful smell of bacon from the terrine.  I’ll post the recipe in the post where we taste it, as once cooked and cooled, it has to sit overnight in the fridge with weights on top.

Meanwhile, out on the terrace, the autumn flowers are blooming.  There are lots of buds on this plant, so we can expect a wonderful display soon.  This plant flowered the first year we were here but not last year for some reason, so it will be good to see more of these gorgeous blooms.


Autumn flowers for Easter

PS – if anyone knows what these flowers are, please let me know.


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