Sunday, sunshine and cricket

Despite what the weather forecast had predicted for today, the sun came out and it was a lovely, sunny day here in Wellington.  My cold was a whole lot better, so we walked to town through the Botanic Gardens and Bolton Street Cemetery and on to another street fair, this time ‘CubaDupa’ on Cuba Street.  Described as the last party of summer/first party of winter, it seemed more like a summer party since people were in shorts, sunglasses and jandals (aka flip-flops).  There was a lot of music and street performers (jugglers, acrobats, mime artists), food stalls from the local restaurants, and other things such as a stage where people were getting their hair cut and sculpted (at least I think so…) and the obligatory unicyclist.


A bus with a mohawk haircut


One of the stages


 Drummers dressed in costumes made from industrial waste


This one looked like a dinosaur

IMG_4375…and a curly one…

We ate some samosas, served with really good chickpea dish, spicy and full of flavour.  No picture as it is a bit difficult to balance a paper plate, plastic spoon and bottle of water and use a mobile phone all at the same time.

IMG_4386People playing Twister in the street as a guy calls out the moves

Anyway, eating the Indian food at lunch time, reminded me of a lot of other things I want to cook or haven’t cooked in a while, such as curries. The list of things I plan to cook next weekend has become more of a long list of ideas of what I plan to cook over the next few months.  As Bunny Eats Design commented a couple of posts ago, how wonderful it would be to take 6 months out, read blogs and cook books and just cook without any interruptions.  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

But before any of that happens, tonight is the final of the Cricket World Cup, with Australia playing New Zealand in Melbourne.  I’m not a cricket fan, and know nothing really about the game, but it is impossible not to get caught up in the fever.  Fingers crossed for the Black Caps (that’s the New Zealand team as you might guess!).



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